Five In One Free Magento Extension


The home page holds the worth of any website. Whether you are running a personal portfolio website or an Online business like E-commerce store and other service & solution providing websites. The important aspect to hold the attention of the user is to provide the maximum exposure of the content that your site has. As the users will not stake longer than a few seconds if they do not find for what they have referred from external resources.
In this particular topic, you will get a free of cost Magento extension or I should rephrase it with five extensions bundle packed in one extension that allow you to present the backend stuff like, New products, Top Selling, Top Rated, Most Viewed etc etc on the front page. It allows the Magento store owner to configure the front end maintenance of from the admin panel.
Installation Process:

Upgrade your store with 5 in 1 extension named as "Home Sellers" with a couple of minute installation. Simply install extension from magentoconnect and configure it at admin panel.
Use this code snippets in CMS/Static blocs to show parts in storsection you need.

{{block type="homepage/topsell" template="magazento/homepage/topsell.phtml"}}

{{block type="homepage/new" template="magazento/homepage/new.phtml"}}

{{block type="homepage/popular" template="magazento/homepage/popular.phtml"}}

{{block type="homepage/toprated" template="magazento/homepage/toprated.phtml"}}

{{block type="homepage/review" template="magazento/homepage/review.phtml"}}

The Configuration Tabs of all 5 features displayed by this extension are :
1. New Products
2. Bestsellers products
3. Popular Products
4. Most Reviewed products
5. Top Rated Products

Magento-Your Store is on Your Finger Tips


If you are working in the E-commerce market then I'm confident to say that you must have heard about Magento. Magento is not just a shopping cart its a complete world of shopping, enriched with every single kind of tool and accessory that a store owner requires. The development of magento is a bit tricky as it uses various framework languages like, zend, mvc, php, OOP etc; but the management is just like buttering the toast.
Running single or multiple store on a single domain name does not hurt the efficiency of magento, even you can run multiple store with unique pricing and language option on a single domain name. The descriptive and well navigational backend of magento assist you to manage your store as per your requirement. You can perform all actions by your self like enabling and disabling pages, products, changing theme timely, updating modules etc, without the assistance of any professional magento developer.
However, if you find any functionality missing on your store then you can contact Professional Magento Developers to develop custom modules for your store as per your guidance.

Magento Beauty Store Theme - Add a charm to your Store For Free


Expose the collection of your beauty products at you very own store without any price. Now don't say its not true, it is and you can have your own store up and running within no time all you have to do is to register a domain name, install magento (read : How to install magento on your hosting) and then apply the FME's Free magento beauty store theme (read: how to install magento theme manually) and there you are ready to do the managing, modifying and sales stuff on your online store.
FME's Beauty Store Theme supports the beauty products niche, it allows you to run cosmetics, women beauty products and accessories store. It comes up with a catchy Jquerry banner at homepage to present the featured, categorical or latest products in a stylish outlook. A formal left hand e-commerce stores navigational menu. You can also enhance the look and efficiency of the store by installing free of cost magento extensions.
Following are the specialties for FME Free Beauty Store Theme:
  • Attractive Look Home Page.
  • Latest and featured products slider.
  • JQuery Attractive Banners.
  • Store Catalog bar on the home page with JQuery Scroller.
  • Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view.
  • Quick loading.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Applicable for multiple business fields
  • SEO friendly.
  • Satisfies the highest programming and design requirements.
  • Step by Step installation manual.

Professionals Dedicated to Develop Magento Applications


FME is an organization of Magento experts where the whole team of professional developers is dedicated to invent the latest yet demanding applications for your Online E-commerce Stores and also to build ready to use templates for Magento. Also custom stores according to the requirement of the Online merchants owners following up the trends of the market. Any platform user can easily turnover from their existing shopping to magneto and enjoy the ultimate features of Magento without any headache of design and development team for the maintenance of the store.

At FMEextensions you are allowed to choose free as well as premium modules/extensions, Stores, Services and themes in order to workout with your stores easily and efficiently. However, I would like to add that the paid services are always quite much steps ahead of free one. So, Choose the desired Magento themes for your Magento store and extensions for further assistance and give an appealing look to your Online Magento Store and create a perfect user experience for your loyal customers.
Professional Magento Developers are available for development of Magento extensions, integration of Magento templates and to customize your existing Magento stores and extensions. You can choose paid as well as free Magento extensions and enhance the efficiency and functionalities of your store. Send us a RFQ, if you are looking to run a successful e-commerce businesses and get the feed back from our expert Magento developers about the structure, design and development of your store.

Bumper Offer-Buy 3 Magento Themes and Get 25% Off


Since e-commerce sites and shopping cart became famous the demand of Magento Themes also raised at the same context. In the beginning establishing an online shopping store was very crucial task as it has to be done through custom development like Dot Net or PHP. With the advent of everything the way of development also got few modern touches.
E-commerce site involves too many things like efficient data base of customer's name, address, order, and credit card information. In this regard development of an on line store is matter of great responsibility. It also has few complexities and if is being done through custom process then will take too much time as well.
When it comes to open sources like Magento themes then it becomes very easy to attain a shopping cart. There are several sites on cyber world which are offering Magento themes. These themes can be free or paid. Creative themes is a website which is serving people since years. The themes available on this site are really commendable. Though the site contains free theme but due to numerous demands of paid themes the site has majority of paid themes. The major motive of site is to serve the community of cyber world as much as it can. In this regard the team of creative themes always attaches attractive offers with their themes. This time the site is offering 25% off if you will buy 3 premium Magento themes.

Custom Development Is Taking Its Last Sighs Of Heave -Yes Or No?


Something came and just rocked in no time. Same thing happened with open sources; they came and got fame in surprising time. Actually time and money matters a lot in every case at every time and especially now a day both of these has great importance. This is where open source have focused. They not only will save your time but also you can have them in free even.

They are also easy to learn and use thus the dependency on custom developer is now past only. Thus open sources like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. are everywhere on cyber world and custom development are now happening in very rare cases.

Open sources are user friendly and search engine friendly at the same time. For example sites developed with Magento can help you in better way for your SEO than any custom language. And Magento themes are available in abundance on internet/ but here a friendly advice is to buy themes instead of having free ones.

There are also many more advantages of open sources. But custom development will always be there and cannot die as open source are front end and on their back end the custom languages are working. Thus custom languages will be there until the open sources are there. The numerous advantages of open sources compelled people to think that custom languages are going to be end but they just gone at back end, otherwise their importance is still there.

How come creativity is the only way of business success?


It is fact that making a copy of anything is not such an easy task. It also takes time and care, but it is also a fact that copied things are not encouraged or appreciated accordingly. So to waste time on copying anything, in fact instead of it we should trust on ourselves and try to make something new and unique.

As on line shopping is been a famous trend now so people are also earning through Themes, but doing so they are not working hard or I better should say are cheating with their work. In this way they only are deceiving themselves.

With the passage of time cyber world is now too much crowded and to stand out of this crowd one has to be come with uniqueness which is only possible with originality.

Now for example there are many Magento themes available on internet, and as on line shopping trend is under your observation so you can think about the demand of shopping carts. Now one who is think to establish an on line store will when search for templates then surely will try that his/her site should be the most attractive. Hence, he/she will select the theme which he/she found as unique one on cyber world. Now those who have copied other's themes will get no use of their site.

It is also possible that the selected theme by that person is also copied by somewhere. But in that case most probably only the idea has been copied, which is not a wrong approach. So if you are impressed by any design then you can present that idea but should be in original and new way.

How You Can Keep Your Magento Store Secure?


There are many built-in security attributes introduced by Magento through which your on line store can be secure enough. This increased the popularity of Magento Themes among people however below are few other suggestions to make your shopping cart safer.
The password must be unique:
Passwords always have great importance, so select password very smartly i.e.
The password must be lengthy and combination of numbers, lower and upper case letters, but still should also be easy to remember.
Do not use Magento password for other accounts:
The password of Magento should never be used for any other logins, as it will be very helpful for hackers. So it’s up to you that if you invite hackers or push them away. Moreover other web services like e-mails keeps the complete record and tracking of your information, so it is always worthy to use different password for Magento. However again I will say that it does not mean a difficult one to remember and if you are having more than one Magento stores then you can manage an excel sheet for it, but again the point of secrecy should be kept in mind. The sheet should keep under high security.
Always access through Custom admin panel:
Accessing Magento through your site is not secure enough. In admin panel you can use a different code than of your default one which surely will give a tough time to hackers to access in your Magento store. Hence your store will remain safe and sound.
Hopefully these tips will be helpful for you to achieve a safe Magento store. Hackers now a day are getting very powerful so it is better to adopt safety precautions instead of regretting latter.

Magento Themes – Businessmen Are Fan of It


No one can challenge the fact that business has much more advantages and profits then a job can provide. Now a day’s expense seems very difficult to meet with a job so people are doing part time jobs and side business. In fact now mostly people prefer to have their own business. The internet has also provided us with too many opportunities.

On line business in the form of an e-commerce site is one of them. One important thing is these that mostly people have no time to search and buy from any market. That is why they prefer to buy on line and hence the shopping carts are supposed to be a successful business.

Now when it comes to an on line shopping store then out of many options Magento themes are the hot favorite of businessmen. The basic reasons are as follows:
  • Magento is specially design and developed for e-commerce sites. Thus it has everything which is essential for an on line store.
  • Magento themes are available in thousands on internet freely as well as in paid state.
  • The maintenance is very easy.
  • It is very flexible.
  • It is very easy to use; in short it is user friendly. Thus people enjoy it a lot.
  • It is also search engine friendly, moreover it has many built-in plug-ins for SEO friendliness.

These were few major characteristics of Magento themes. One special point is this that paid themes are far better than free ones in many regards.

Why Magento Themes Are Better Than Custom Developed E-Stores?


The web platform where people can buy on line is known as an e-commerce site or on line shopping store. It is becoming very famous day by day, as it has many benefits. Users have to go nowhere and can have the best quality things in very competitive rates and the best part is this that thing will be at your door step in almost no time.

Though there are few disadvantages of internet like it has made us very lazy, but still cyber technology has changed the world and now it is too much essential part of our lives. Now even if we have place an order for pizza then instead of going to any pizza restaurant we simply can do it on line. This is the reason for which E-commerce sites are very famous now days.

When we have to establish any on line business in the form of e-commerce site then in the past we had no option but custom development. Since open sources are introduced then we now are having two options. Now the point is this that which one is the best option and why?

Below is the comparison of both options.

> It very quick and fast process. > It is bit slow and lengthy process.
> It is very cost effective. > It is more costly.
> Its maintenance is quite easy and mostly free of cost. > Its maintenance is little slow and paid.
> One can manage a site developed in
it by him/herself with just a little training
> It is very difficult to learn it and even  then it takes a lot of time to become a profession in it.

The above table is general overlook of comparison between Magento themes and custom development which is screaming that Magento Themes are far better custom development.

Magento Themes: Paid or Free?


Internet is full of e-commerce sites now a day. People love to buy on line. Due to this reason many business men are establishing their on line shopping carts. Now for shopping carts mostly people like to go for Magento themes.

When we talk about Magento themes for on line business site then we will have two options, which are as follows:
  1. Paid Magento themes.
  2. Free Magento themes.
Normally everyone will think that selecting free Magento themes is surely the right option but it includes many drawbacks. Though getting something free instead of buying it against few dollars seems madness. The fact is this that free themes have certain limitations which sometimes can put you in a big trouble.

Paid themes will provide you with enjoyment of full features and also mostly paid themes contain few other offers as well which surely will be considered as bonus point. In paid themes many companies provide 24 hours support or assistance which is very necessary, because if you fell in need of any change in default theme according to your requirements then in case of free themes you will have to hire any programmer but for paid themes you do not have to do so.

Hence it is now clear that paid themes are better than free because free themes are just like mobile phone without SIM card. Though SIM card is very small thing but still mobile phone is useless without it.

A couple of free magento templates for Stylish Jewelry Store


The presence and the status of any thing get high when it is presented on a platform that hold fascination. Jewelry is an ornament that add a charm to the personality of an individual. So, it must be present on a platform where it appeal others not only because the beauty of it but also with the help of the presenting material. To keep up with the needs of the jewelry stores, various developers has developed a lot of magento themes, some of these themes are paid and some are free of cost. In this particular post, I'll share a pair of two free of cost magento jewelry store templates that you can download and install on your hosting, if you are interested in running a jewelry store.

CT Jewelry Store Magento Theme:

Current Version:1.0 | Compatible To: Magento 1.5
As I go through the demo of this templates, I felt that the Store is a great option for jewelry collections to opt. It comes with an attractive JQuery Banner slider that is fully control able via back-end, also there is another “most recent products” jQuery scroller on the home page as well, it would be helpful for your visitors to explore the site more easily. Exploded menus, you can add your social network links. As per developers notification, its quite easy to install and manage this theme (you can read the earlier post, about how to install magento theme). This theme fulfills all the basic yet trendy requirements for a Jewelry Store.

Magento Free Fashion Jewelry Theme:

Current Version: | Compatible To: Magento
Though I have not found any demo link for this theme but according to the home page screen-shot of it. This two column free magento theme looks simple,the color scheme used in it is white with black gradient and also a black bar on categories navigation. However, the banner and the widgets on the right side panel can play a lead role in getting a super attractive look though merely if stylish yet colorful outlooks of jewelry become a part of it.

Keep the one you like the most. However, you can keep the both, if you know how to manage both at the same time and add a strong aura of fascination to your online jewelry store.

Magento Themes & Extensions-It's Time To Make Imagination A Reality


Imagination is one of the most important part of our life and I must clear here that, imagining something and imaginary life are two different thoughts. Without getting much deeper in the imagination, I believe that imagination gives us a path and if we follow its track then we will surely end up on what we have imagined. In the world of e-commerce, if I say that magento purely describe the imagination of the online visitors and online merchants, then it would not be wrong.
Because magento is completely user, owner and search engine friendly e-commerce source. The users get an environment where they can easily find the products they are looking for, the owner can manage his/her single to various magento based store via a single back end and magento follows the ethical techniques of SEO to let the search engines know that what is going on in the website. By picking up appropriate Magento Theme and magento extensions for your website you can make sure that your website will be surely appreciated and also you will be more relaxed and comfortable then those of your competitors, who are not using magento services or either not paying a prior importance to magento.
If you are looking for a fresh start or thinking about migrating your existing store. Then there would be no other better option for you to Opt but Magento. Its time to get the burden off your shoulders and let magento get the job done efficiently.

2 Most Sensational Magento Templates By CT!

Though the website was developed previously but most of the content on it got updated pretty recently. As i stumbled again with it, the tags and banners of the CT are telling that the site is about the premium theme of several e-commerce platform and CMS networks. A collection of several different businesses themes is added developed using the open source e-commerce platform. Well, for the time being you will only get Premium Magento Themes and also a couple of free themes as well. All the theme are self explanatory but these two are the most sensational that made me to go through the demo of these themes. Without any prior importance, the sensation of the themes in not only in the look but these themes are as much functional yet appealing to keep the visitors attached within the environment of it.

Latest Fashion apparel Store is the perfect option for the merchants to opt, who are looking forward to start a successful fashion related online business. An Attractive JQuery Banner slider and most recent products jQuery scroller on the home page provides relaxation yet comfort ability to the visitors to browse through the store in new way. The theme is enriched of exploded menus, social bookmarking links and social media Add-ons. The manual of installation is quite easy. However; creative themes expert magento developers are ready to install and manage the store without any prior price. The theme truly supports Multiple stores and also fulfills all the basic and advance requirements for a Fashion Store.

CT Apparel Shop Magento Theme

Boys Girls Kids Accessories - get all their clothing up on CT Apparel Shop and start getting your sales up. Setup your apparel shop with this sophisticated yet advance magento theme with cool hip banners already integrated in the theme. A Shop by Brands extension helps make this theme a bargain. The brands scroller and the new products widget displayed on Home Page will surely get those users to browse through and see what you have in store. Designer can also put their articles on it and also if someone is looking to sell branded products on it, this theme truly supports those merchants who are willing to run branded products store.

Free Vs Paid Gift Shop Magento Theme


The choice is yours but in this particular post there would be two different magento templates for same theme store, one of them is paid and the other one is free of cost. Both of these templates are based on magento frame work and meet the requirement of latest version of magento.
EM Gift Shop:
Without any prior importance, em gift shop is a paid magento template holding several attractive features but the price goes up and up as you keep adding these features to it. The price of the default theme is (99$) and according to the overview of em developers, it is designed for a gift shop, souvenir, bakery or food shop. It is designed with a unique and classical style from the 60-70s. It comes with a product sideshow, very attractive graphics, and it is one of the most stylish magento themes available for your gift shop. The above mentioned picture represent the home page of this theme.

CT Gift Shop Magento theme:
This is the second theme and its FREE of price, as well as free of any follow up procedure like, sign-up etc. I saw so many free themes but not as much functional yet attractive as this one. The details of this theme as per its developer mentioned are, the CT gift shop magento template is designed for gift shop, souvenir, cake or food shop. The home page comes up with a Banner to display products and offers. The default welcome text of dummy store is editable from the Admin panel after installation. Also the featured products can be displayed on Home Page. Left Panel with accordion menu for Categories. The structure is quite efficient and the store is fully compatible to support the course of SEO. The above mentioned image represents the home page of this free magento template.

Its true that the price matters but in this era of advancement, people are also providing their amazing service without any price and the CT Gift shop template is the true evidence of it. No offense to EM Gift shop but I believe that you can get more customers with the trendy design of CT Gift Shop Magento template. Make sure you pick the right one whether it is the paid or its free. Also if you like to keep them both, then magento allows you to use multiple Magento Themes at the same time on same store, so go for both of them.

Why Wordpress for Blogging and E-commerce too?


Basically, Word press is a widely used free platform for sharing information in the form of blogs. It 's an open source platform powered by Php and Mysql.
There are some wordpress gadets which are free of cost and some of them are paid too, though the free gadgets are functional but they hold some restrictions over the users of these gadgets. Moreover, you can switch between the themes, if you are using free themes then they might change the values of gadgets that you are using on your blog but it would not change the values and content of your blog posts.
Wordpress is not only popular beacause its an open source for blog publishing but if you want to run an online store than you can also run it using wordpress and the administration of your blog/website is quite easy with it. Usually, the merchants use Premium Wordpress Themes for selling their products online. Also its quite proficient with the search engines, some of the salient features of wordpress are as under:
  • Easy Customization.
  • Multiple theme support.
  • Multiple gadgets support.
  • Search Engine-friendly.
  • Integrated link management.
  • Clean permalink structure.
  • Multiple categories to single post.
  • Tagging supports to all posts.

If you are new in the online market then you must go for wordpress, whether you are looking forward to use it for blogging or for running an E-commerce store.

Magento Features Are Really Unpredictable!


The logo don't need any determination if you are an online merchant and if you still don't know about it than I would say, you are missing a big part of sales for your store. Magento is quite popular in the E-commerce market not only because of its a freebie but also because it hold so many efficient e-commerce features that other open sources don't have. Magento is also said to be the most proficient open source e-commerce software. Magento is also staking high in the charts of all open source e-commerce softwares and the simple reasons for that is, Magento is not only being adopted by the new merchants but the existing users are also migrating their store data to Magento.

The Salient Features of Magento are:
  • Magento Is an open source (FREE) E-commerce platform, any one can easily access it.
  • The Gadgets of Magento are also available for free.
  • Magento Provides Fully customizable Extensions and themes for all kind of E-commerce businesses.
  • The Magento themes are appealing yet soothing.
  • The extensions help Admin and Visitors to get the job done with ease.
  • The management of Magento is quite simple.
  • The complete store is controlled VIA single admin panel.
  • It has easy payment, product organizer, color switcher and comparison etc modules.
  • Magento is truly SEO Friendly Store.
If you are looking to test run your store then magento is there for you and if you are looking to run a life lasting e-commerce store than these particular features are sufficient enough for you to go for magento.  

The Best 3 Free Magento Themes for Beauty Products Store


Beauty Store Theme
Here is another list of a few magento beauty products store, I am pretty sure that the earlier post of top 5 free clothing store themes would have helped those fresh online merchants who were looking for some thing worthy of to be on their store fro free. Also I am confident to say that the peoples who are going to run online beauty store based on magento, would be pleased to get any of these three magento themes.

1.Magik Beauty Store:

Without any prior determination, I would love to suggest you to go for FREE Magig Beauty Store not only because its free of cost but also the design and color selection of this theme is so marvelous that it can easily indulge any visitor into it.

The officials reviews about magik beauty store are “magik Beauty Store is a Magento Theme specifically built for stores that are selling cosmetics, women beauty products or other women accessories. You can buy, download and get the theme up and running on your store very quickly. This Magento theme can be easily adapted to your particular needs. The theme is optimized for search engines, usability and engagement.”
FME beauty product store is unique and simplest of its kind but the layout still holds attraction for the new and existing users.
According to the officials of the FME Store the theme is “Best theme to expose your beauty store globally. Easy to install and customize. Attractive Design. Jquery banner slider on homepage. Attractive Left sided Category Menu.” also the some of the top features are under:
  • Nice Look Home Page
  • New Products
  • JQuery Attractive Banners
  • Store Catalog bar on the home page with JQuery Scroller
  • Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view
3.Glam Free Magento:

I know that this theme is off the beat but if you forget about glamor and assume this theme as a beauty store than it would also be a Saviour of your online beauty products. Though according the the officials of this store its sailent features are “This wonderful free Magento theme gives you a chance to make your e-commerce store a glamorous one. Very customizable and easy to set up. Not only is this design attractive but it’s also free to download and use!
Enables the following functions and modules: vertical product/categories menu, newsletter sign-up block, most popular block, home page banner, home page products, shopping cart side-bar and customer service block.”

The Most Popular And The Most Emerging E-Commerce Platforms


Both of these platforms don’t need any  ceremonial words to be introduced and these platforms are almost well known to every person who use internet.

You may be using wordpress for the blogging and if you are not using it then I am pretty sure that you must know that wordpress is used by most of the online users to publish their blogs, promote their ideas and share their thoughts for free.
if you are using a wordpress blog and looking to run an online store on the same blog then there are several solutions are available to help you out. one of the most common solution module is Golden Cart Solution, its one of the best solution that integrates accurately into wordpress. After that you can carry on with your store with free theme or your can also purchase Premium Wordpress Templates to enhance the functionality of your store.


Magento is one of the most emerging e-commerce platform since last couple of years and most of the new and existing users are adopting/migrating to it. Varien, a Los Angeles web development firm is the creator of  Magento and without any doubt i must say that they did a wonderful job. there is nothing like in it to be free and its more functional than some of the paid sources. magento is enriched of every single need of e-commerce that you can think of and the plus point is that you can easily get a magento developer to do the customization of your magento store.
you can install Premium magento themes and extensions on it and if your are going all out for free than you can also get free theme and extensions from various online resources.

so what are your waiting for, if you really want to run an online store than i suggest you to either go for wordpress or magento. magento is suberbly e-commerce platform but wordpress is a bit easier to manage as compare to magento.

Opt Magento and Let The Visitors Opt You!


As Magento is being widely adopted by most of the existing on-line merchants and this rapid adoption is providing trust to the new online merchants who are looking to run a business on Magento. There are so many E-commerce shopping carts available but Magento is providing some unique and very functional features that tempt the merchants to run their store on it to tempt more and more customers, that means Magento is not only working on the merchants end but it is also working on visitors end as well and because of that its getting popular quite rapidly.

Magento Data Migration:

If you are looking to run your existing store on Magento then you need Magento data migration services to migrate your existing store to Magento without hurting the values and credentials of your store. For migration purpose, All you have to do is to hire some Expert Magento Developers and programmers, who will analyze the pros and cons of your store, estimate the time frames of migration, consult with you on priorities of migration, moving all kind of data accurately and other migration services.

The basics of Magento Data Migration:
  • Catalog with all kind of details (Descriptions, Categories, Prices, Images, Sales Info. And other relevant data).
  • Customers data migration regarding all credentials, Profile information and orders history etc.
  • Sales info., Stock info., and Financial info as well
Additional things that you can demand:
  • Migration of Extensions, Modules and their relevant data.
  • Customizations
  • 3rd Party codes and data.

A Free Yet Exotic Clothing Store For Designer's Collection!


Gone were those days when running an online store was a tough job for a designer/online merchant (I mean, the one who is not familiar with programing etc) as the Magento has bring a great path for them to present their products and accessories on a very influencing platform with a very facile interface.
Well, if you are one of them and looking to run a successful online apparel store then the following FME Designer's Collection Magento Theme will surly be a true support for your new business and its most tempting aspect of this theme is that its PRICE FREE, so what are you waiting for, download the theme and upload it on your hosting.
Note: if you don't know how to install magento theme/template than click on, How to Install Magento Theme? To learn, how to get this thing done.
FREE Magento Clothing Store Template

The key feature of this FREE Theme is that, its niche and a designer can easily present his/her articles at the display for sale. The home page of this theme is perfect to present your SIGNATURE suiting sample, also you can change the color of the home page in order to match/contrast among your signature suit.
The categorical pages are quite graceful and supports all colored products in a very elegant way, so you should never get dis-heart about the presentation of your products. The specific products display is also quite unique with some extra ordinary features like mouse over view, zooming and other related products at bottom of the page.

Other than default package of this theme you can add several more Magento Extensions to make your store more functional, user friendly and also more attractive to search engines as well to get the top rankings.

Did you Get Your FME Magento Discount Coupon?



This is the second biggest deal of discount that has been offered by FME store, though this one is not as huge as it was on Christmas but still it’s quite appreciative as the prices of the themes and extensions are already less than other magento service providers. The discount coupon is not only for the featured extensions and themes, you can avail this coupon discount on almost 30+ Functional Magento Extensions and on 15+ different kind of ready to use Magento stores.
To avail this coupon discount you need to add your desired extensions and themes to the cart and put the coupon code “FME786” to the following box at checkout page,

an click on apply coupon to get the discounted price.
Hurry up and get your Magento store enriched of Efficient Magento extensions developed by expert FME developers with a free support of six months, bug free life time guarantee and also a 15 days money back guarantee and if you are having a lack of attraction in your store than the lucrative themes are ready to fulfill your desire of having a super attractive layout.

Top 5 FREE Magento Clothing Store Templates


Clothing business is one of ever green businesses and running and the trend on-line shopping stores is raising up. Magento is one of the best open source e-commerce software that provide a superb support to the new and existing merchants. Though the Excellent Magento Templates provided by any expert developer are paid but you can also get a number of Magento templates to run any e-commerce store, usually the free themes are developed by the developers to show the level of their skills. These free templates help Magento developers to attract the merchants to hire them for the custom modification of their stores.
Here is a List of one of the most Efficient Magento Clothing Stores Templates for free, that you must consider if you are looking to run a new business. You can customize all of these Magento themes later on as per your requirement.

This theme is perfectly suitable for the stores that are professionally in the field of Clothing Products. The theme is very easy to install, customize and manage. It has an elegant front-end view to attract the customers. An attractive slider included in the theme for homepage. Product zoomer available to view the product closely. Completely ready to start an online store for your business enhancement.

We love our readers. We respect the hard work of designers and developers across the globe. And we do our best to make the web design community stronger and the Web a little bit prettier. Therefore we work with talented artists and creative professionals to showcase their skills and release something unique and beautiful as a gift to the community. And in the end truly impressive works see the light of day.
Today we are glad to release Sigyn SM — a free high-quality Magento theme created by Silver themes especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The theme has a unique grungy design that stands out and can serve as a good baseline for your Magento-powered online shops.

Magik Clothes Store is a Magento theme specifically built for stores that are selling apparel and clothing. You can buy, download and get the theme up and running on your store very quickly. This Magento theme can be easily adapted to your particular needs. The theme is optimized for search engines, usability and engagement.

Dress Shop theme is best for Fashion Designers. Best fit for clothing store, apparel, fashion store, mall shop and any magento store need an easy customization template. Its very clean, easy to customize theme. Many rich-features such as face-box various promotion banners, newest product block on homepage using, extra links and blocks and so on. This magento template is the most powerful and flexible any magento store.

This theme is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. You can change it as you need but keep the the footer link to their site.
A very professional-looking Free Magento Theme (template). The perfect Magento Theme for a shop featuring items for kids and babies,toys and games, stationery, home d├ęcor, or crafts. Header has a custom quick access and customer service box styled with rounded corners. The home page layout has two columns and JavaScript featured product and image slider.

How to Install Downloaded Magento Theme?


Install Magento Theme

Magento is emerging as one of the most efficient E-commerce source not only because of its front-end features but also because of its free nature. It helps Magento to become familiar in an e-commerce field by leaps and bounds. Because of its rapid growth, most of the existing store owners are migrating from other sources to Magento, while those who are familiar with its diverse powers  are starting their new stores with it.
Though it is not hard to be familiar with its usage but it requires proper course of knowledge for the customization. For the creation of a new theme, you must have a good control over PHP (programming language) and if you are just looking to run your store with a particular theme, then you must know how to install it on your Magento hosting.

Basically there are couple of ways via you can install a Magento theme:

1.Via Magento Connect
2.Via Downloaded Theme

If you are looking to install a theme via Magento connect (the official Magento site, enriched of free and paid Magento Extensions/themes) then it is quite simple, as all you have to do is to pick up the key of your selected theme from Magento connect and paste at the admin panel in your hosting. This is it, the rest of the job will be done automatically after clicking the install button.
The main focus of mine in this specific post is to help those Magento users who had downloaded their Magento themes from other resources whether it is free or paid and now looking to upload it on their hosting. I will try my level best to present it as simply as I can.
The Basic Steps To Follow For Installation Of Downloaded Magento Theme:
  1. Download the theme from any online resource.
  2. Extract the zipped theme.
  3. Open your FTP, Select the SKIN folder and copy it under Your_Magento_Installation /skin/frontend/default/, so it turns into Your_Magento_Installation/skin/frontend/default/ new_theme.
  4. Login to your Magento store admin panel to pick up the new theme for the layout.
  5. Some times Magento cache creates sorts of issues. In order to escape from the issues you need to disable the cache for that particular time. (To enable or disable the cache, goto System > Cache Management).
  6. Carrying on with the installation steps, now click on Systems>Configuration and Select the "Design" tab.
  7. Type the name of your copied theme in-front of skin input box and click on "Save Config" tab.
This is it, now its time to open up your browser and type in your store URL to see the new look of your theme. I'm pretty sure that its quite comprehensive guidance for the installation of Magento Theme. If you have any problem while installing your theme after following these steps please do let me know.

The Enchanting Features of Magento—An Open Source E-Commerce Platform

E-commerce is one of the most emerging business market and in order to run your e-commerce business smoothly and efficiently, Magento is providing great support. That helps the Magento software to grow its roots in the dimension of e-commerce businesses. Magento provides the opportunity of enhanced convenience to the online buyers and sellers to interact using a friendly platform.
Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factor for every single online business. E-commerce and Magento help online merchants in a developing Web store that is totally SEO friendly. The example of one of the best SEO-friendly feature of Magneto is, it has the only shopping carts available that provide meta tags for even single products along with category-wise meta tagging as well.
Service of Magento Themes Design:
Magento themes provide a businesses and an organizations to go and play around with different colors schemes using on a single theme design and so on. A merchant can provide various color selection options to a user while he/she is browsing his/her Magento based store.
What to remember regarding Magento is that they really are niche specific but the themes pag also allows you to apply various themes under a single store. Many of the e-commerce and Web development companies are preferring the need of going for Magento instead of Web development for online business and shopping websites. You can easily provide the flexibility and ease to an online visitors what one expects form an online business.
Under mention points are an overview regarding what various e-commerce websites should provide. These are as
1. The best tools for promotion and marketing
2. Support to Analytics and Reporting
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
4. Ethical Management of a website.
5. Catalog management along with browsing.
6. Mobile E-Commerce.
7. International support (Currency-language etc.).
8. On-line product browsing.
9. Creation of customer accounts
10. Being able to provide order management.
Following is a brief overview of the features which Magento are able to provide. These are as
1. Allows Ordered Editing
2. Providing multi-support to currency
3. Getting deals for free shipping
4. Providing Guest Checkout
5. Providing easy options for search
Development in Magento
Magento provides the services of hosting, customization, and development for e-stores and With the on-going development (enhancement/modification) process of Magento. Being a Magento client you will be able to get the latest updates of Magento automatically to enhance the development of your store and enjoy the features of latest updates. Undoubtedly in these days of e-commerce business, Magento is the perfect way to achieve success in a online businesses.

A short glimpse over Banner Extension of Magento


A brief description about Magento:
Magento is an open source e-commerce web application platform that was launched in march 2008. it was created by varien and magento platfrom uses zend php and mysql databases. Magento shopping cart controls th every face of your store, from merchandising to promotions and more. There are no limits to creativity with Magento.

A brief description about Magento Extension:
Magento extension is an additional plugin or module that is basically not present in default magento. It provides the additional feature thereby enhancing the functionality of magento shopping cart. There are several plusgins/module/ extensions present. However in this particular blog our focus would be on FME Product Testimonials extension of magento.

Brief Description of Banner Extension of Magento:
Banners extension enables you to create sliding banners powered by Flash front end display. Administrator can add different banners / images to be displayed and has a very large number of options from Banner width, Banner height, Banner autoplay, Banner image resize to fit, transition speed, show play pause on Banner and many more options for customizing the banner display.
The most exciting part of this extension is that it is very easy to install , plus its 100% open source and absolutely free of cost and according to the programming practices of Magento



Magento extensions are defined as the module/plugin/add-on which provides additional features that are not available with the default Magento shopping cart. There are numerous extensions available for Magento like Faq management, inquiries management, advance testimonials, our services etc. However in this particular blog our focus is on Shop By Manufacturer/Shop By Brands extension of Magento.

Shop by Manufacturers Extension enables you to easily manage Manufacturers from Admin panel and presented in your store and link to them from product pages, thus making it easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific Manufacturers. Moreover, you can use any category relevant to your store - such as manufacturers, artists, authors, etc. - instead of brand names.

With this extension you can easily manage your Manufacturers, display their logos on front end, Shop by Manufacturers search options, Featured Manufacturers and many more. Now you can assign products to a Manufacturers at once instead of one by one by editing a product!


  • Shop by manufacturer/shop by brands is pretty Easy to install, just copy and run
  • This extension is pretty Easy to use, manage and customize
  • Shop by manufacturer extension allows you to manage you manufacturers in better way
  • Enabling the options of Manufacturers Images or Logo Support
  • Facilitating the users to Assign products to Manufacturers at once
  • Providing the options of Manufacturers Contact details options
  • Allows shoppers to filter products by Manufacturers
  • Featuring New Added Manufacturers Block
  • Featuring Import/ Export Manufacturers
  • Enabling the option to Load existing Manufacturers and there products from magento attribute
  • Providing the facility of Complete Manufacturers Data Management (Manufacturer Details, Contact Details, Product of Manufacturers)
  • It Allow custom settings per store view;
  • Allows for creating different lists of Brands for each store view and/or website;
  • Innovative Way of List all Manufacturers on front end!
  • Allows inserting a Manufacturers block or Manufacturers logo on a product page
  • Relatively Easy SEO for Brand pages
  • List Featured Manufacturers on front end
  • 100% SEO friendly URL's
  • Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated



Magento extension is defined as the module/plugin/add-on which provides additional features that are not available with the default Magento shopping cart. There are numerous extensions available for Magento like Faq management, inquiries management, advance testimonials, our services etc. However in this particular blog our focus is on one step checkout extension of Magento. And speaking of one step checkout we would be emphasizing on front-end features of one step checkout.

Main focus of FME One Step Checkout is to reduce the checkout time for your customer and as a result increasing your sales conversion rate. One Step Checkout Magento Extension is a must to have if you are serious about earning from your online magento store. The six long steps of default Magento checkout process is laborious and time consuming and also creates possibility that your customer might loose interest while filling out those 6 tabs. Following are some of the Front End features of one step checkout extension;

  • One step checkout extension provides 100% SEO friendly URL's
  • Provides the feature of Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated
  • Provides the feature of Magento friendly prototype to handle each action.
  • Providing Attractive design of checkout
  • Providing Ajax based login.
  • Providing Ajax based Forgot Password Request.
  • Providing Ajax based updation of each step.
  • Enabling Fancy loader with messages of related updating step.
  • Enabling Fancy popups for agreements.
  • Gift message updated file to fit the One Step Checkout page.
  • This extension is Customers friendly.

Configurable features of ONE STEP CHECKOUT extension of MAGENTO

Mangento extension is defined as the module/plugin/add-on which provides additional features that are not available with the default Magento shopping cart. There are numerous extensions available for Magento like Faq management, inquiries management, advance testimonials, our services etc. However in this particular blog our focus is on one step checkout extension of Magento. And speaking of one step checkout we would be emphasizing on configurable features of one step checkout.

Main focus of FME One Step Checkout is to reduce the checkout time for your customer and as a result increasing your sales conversion rate. One Step Checkout Magento Extension is a must to have if you are serious about earning from your online magento store. The six long steps of default Magento checkout process is laborious and time consuming and also creates possibility that your customer might loose interest while filling out those 6 tabs. Following are some of the configurable features of one step checkout extension;

  • One step checkout is easy to install, all you need to do is to just copy and then run
  • This extension is comparatively easy to use, manage, & customize
  • You can Enable/disable this extension from its admin panel
  • Facilitates the user to set title for the One Page Checkout page.
  • Facilitates the user to set the content of One Page Checkout of his/her own choice.
  • You can Enable/disable the content of this extension.
  • Facilitate the user to set the text for the link for the login.
  • Facilitate the user to set Meta Information of each category.
  • Facilitate the user to set the color of his/her own choice for the tabs of all fields.
  • Enabling to Customize the design according to your theme
  • Providing the feature to set css for the headings text of tabs.
  • Providing the feature to set css for the buttons on One Page Checkout.
  • Providing the feature to set the width of Pop-ups for Agreements.
  • Providing the feature to add different messages for Ajax loader used to update each field

A short glimpse over one step check out extension of Magento


Magento is a popular open source platform to built your ecommerce website. It is based on Zend Framework and has a very flexible architecture. Although it is much younger than many of its competitors, Magento has a large community of users.
Developers can easily built plugins or Magento templates, which makes it more and more popular among open source ecommerce solutions. here are loads of great extensions for Magento to help take your INTERNET store to the next level.

Magento extension is defined as the module/plugin/add-on which provides additional features that are not available with the default Magento shopping cart. There are numerous extensions available for Magento like Faq management, inquiries management, advance testimonials, our services etc. in this blog our focus is on Advance articles extension of Magento.


Main focus of FME One Step Checkout is to reduce the checkout time for your customer and as a result increasing your sales conversion rate. One Step Checkout Magento Extension is a must to have if you are serious about earning from your online magento store. The six long steps of default Magento checkout process is laborious and time consuming and also creates possibility that your customer might loose interest while filling out those 6 tabs.

FME extension “One Step Checkout” is the single step and is the quickest way to get those customers out the door and those dollars in your pocket.