Why Wordpress for Blogging and E-commerce too?


Basically, Word press is a widely used free platform for sharing information in the form of blogs. It 's an open source platform powered by Php and Mysql.
There are some wordpress gadets which are free of cost and some of them are paid too, though the free gadgets are functional but they hold some restrictions over the users of these gadgets. Moreover, you can switch between the themes, if you are using free themes then they might change the values of gadgets that you are using on your blog but it would not change the values and content of your blog posts.
Wordpress is not only popular beacause its an open source for blog publishing but if you want to run an online store than you can also run it using wordpress and the administration of your blog/website is quite easy with it. Usually, the merchants use Premium Wordpress Themes for selling their products online. Also its quite proficient with the search engines, some of the salient features of wordpress are as under:
  • Easy Customization.
  • Multiple theme support.
  • Multiple gadgets support.
  • Search Engine-friendly.
  • Integrated link management.
  • Clean permalink structure.
  • Multiple categories to single post.
  • Tagging supports to all posts.

If you are new in the online market then you must go for wordpress, whether you are looking forward to use it for blogging or for running an E-commerce store.


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