The Most Reliable Magento Extension For Articles Management


If you are an experienced web entrepreneur then you must know that price doesn't matters for the extensions which worth a good value. I know this extension is a bit costly as compare to other premium magento extension and also the Free Magento Extensions which also influence your mind to look for more and more free plugins. Even this extension is almost expensive then some of the Magento Themes as well but don't forget that magneto themes and extensions work hand in hand to give a perfect outcome of your store.

FME expert magento developers are working at their best to assist you with special and helpful magento applications and this is also one of them. Articles Management Extension, as the name depicts that its about articles. This Article Management Magento Extension allow you to present your articles with an attractive theme so the user don't feel bored while reading your stuff and this drive the attention of the user to your site as well. The dual functioning of this extension is you can use it for publishing documentations and products manuals and any other content of your site. The admin of the site is fully authorized to make any change in this extension regarding its design and functionality.

Why Most of the online merchants are turning over to Magento?


Do you know why Most of the online merchants are turning over to Magento? If you don't know then i'm sure this clear demonstration will help you to figure out whats the reason behind all this migration.

Magento is a free web application (registered under open source) for the development of e-commerce stores. It is one of the most reliable and authentic ecommerce platform. There are lucrative features in it which make the online merchants to use it, like:

Your work hasn't finished that you put up your store in the online world and it will attract customers by it self, you have to influence customers to it. The top most factor matters in getting good customer is SEO (a term used for optimization of site in search engines), but after getting traffic if your site is not attractive the user will surely bounce back quickly. Magento Themes provide you all the appealing stuff on your site so if the user hit your site he must feel lucky that he/she came to right place. So the content on the site matters but if it is presented using magento then it worths.
Magento provides an authentic design which allow users to find easily what they are looking for. These features help to deal in more conversions.

Professional Services for the Migration of E-Stores


Magento provides you a platform where you can create any application related to your ecommerce stores. Professional magento developers provide their services in developing default and custom applications like Magento Extensions, modules, themes and Magento Templates. You can easily demand any type of extension or theme from any magento expert.

Magento allows you to turnover from another service to magento, typically known as migration or to merge more than one stores of yours under a single URL. Free-Magento Extensions can migrate the data of your existing store to your newly developed Magento Store. Our expert magento extensions programmers and system administrators will analyze your new store installation, will estimate the time frames of migration, consult with you on migration tasks and move several kind of data and perform all services related to this task.

The primary services of Migration are:
  • Catalog with every single type of data related to the products
  • Customers profile and orders history etc.
  • Financial data and sales information
  • Transfer of extensions, modules, plugins and data related to them
  • Customization
  • 3rd Party data and codes

Feel free to Request a Quote for the migration of your existing store to a new one.

Shadow of success to destination


Soothsayer are saying that Magento will be the leader the future of the templates as its acceptance in the market on the vast level in huge organization in all over the world. Magento Templates are the web pages designs as the professional web have because Magento templates were are the out come of the highly experienced and having the knowledge of the fields peoples.

Dull, boring and not accepted designs are not the business of Magento. the name of uniqueness is the primary characteristic of Magento. So be conscious from the all un-familiar Templates only get the best of the best for your best business. Templates for Magento.

There are large variety of businesses which can gat the benefit of the Magento as it is useful for the Home decor, Jeweler store, Mobile shop, cloth store, Beauty products, Cosmetics, Medicine, Tool Shop and lot more according to your expectation for your business.

If you use the Magento templates you are going to get the benefit from the Magento Themes and Magento skins as they were the soul of our products. And due to that very well designed and full of functionalities, soul is experience which we are giving our customer for the affordable remuneration they paid us.

Free Magento Extension Request For a Quote (RFQ)


Magento is rapidly emerging application in E-commerce development. Magento stores are totally change as compare to other resource and they are not only changed, they are also quite efficient than the others in every single aspect whether it is about user or owner or SEO. Magento has failed all other resource in this race. Default magento is also quite efficient, there are some extensions available to assist you for some special needs or you can also demand custom extensions according to your requirements. All magento extensions are developed in accordance with magento standards and can be easily installed on any magento store.

Professional magento developers of FME developed Quick request for a quote extension it allows your coustomers to send a request quote to the admin of the site. The user need to put some information in the required fields, after filling the form when the customers will submit it quick RFQ will validate the submission and after a successful validation it will store the quote in the database and forward that mail to the owner of the site and to the customer as well. Quick RFQ will pic up the categories of mail, like subject and body content from the database which was saved by the admin.

All the quotes are easily manageable from the control panel. Admin can amend the quote as he wants and can reply to the customer on given email. Admin can change the configurations from the admin, you can get this quick RFQ Magento Extension for free.

Salient features of RFQ
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Easy to manage
  • Totally customizable
  • Target specific customer groups.

Thought rules the world


Have you ever think about that why the thoughts are so essential for our lives. Because these were the gate way to the success. The thoughts are given the actual face with Magento.

Magento is providing you the thought full way of working by utilizing the Magento Themes for your online store. These themes work in a way as like some customer seems himself standing in your shop and getting the things as you present them in reality. This is the touching point of the Magento themes.

Magento is the largest collection of  the themes with the engraved themes for every template in a very inspirational way to attract, attract and attract the customers. The very reason of your web is to get traffic and earn money. 

This is the basic theme for the development of every of our Template for Magento. So don’t go here and there for the fussy things. Connect with us and get lot of the benefits which the other thousands of the business owners are enjoying. We are waiting for you to serve you and to give you the beneficial product of Magento.

Now there is no need to worry about the your online store because Magento is here, now your all the worries are the Magento worries now. Just experience the high quality, with the most variety available on with us

Making your web according to your will

Magento is quite confidential in giving solution for the e-commerce businesses.  Our templates ease the creation of the web for your business concern. Because there is vast variety available with the Magento Templates for every kind of business. 

Magento is being under development but its popularity is more hen even the most of the templates provider just because of user friendly environment, all the contents are seems to original and always built the interest of the customer in the product of your business.

The basic reason for the Templates for Magento is the customer belief that they think we are giving the exact solution to there problems for present and future coming phenomena  related to their business.

If you are new or running the business for long time ago. But the business is not giving the appropriate out put, then we can give you the friendly suggestion that you should move to the Magento templates with awesome Magento Skins.

The Magento Theming for the templates is up to the mark for the every specie of the business. That’s why what ever site you browse is depend on the Magento themes. And these results explain the popularity and the user confidence in our product.

Extensions to Build Up your Site Efficiency

Default Magento is a also quite strong and efficient but to fulfill the needs of specific customers professional magento developers create extensions for them. There are some common extensions with good customizable features and if you need more specific and fully custom extension then you can request a quote for your Magento Extension.

FME Extensions is always a ahead for your reliance and present the latest and fully custom based extensions for your online stores. To get to know the feed back of your customers FME Extensions developed a Testimonial Extension which allows your customers to write testimonial about your company/brand/shop/services etc etc, it is quite easy to manage testimonials using this extension at both the end, from getting feed back from the user to presenting it on the site for the new visitors. All these testimonials are presented on the front end using J-Query slider. All the back-end controls like adding, removing, searching, disabling any thing related to testimonials are in hand of the admin.

The key features of FME Advance Testimonial Extension are :

  • Easy to Install and upgrade
  • Fully Custom
  • J-Query effects for presentation
  • Easy to manage
  • Simple to add on site just put the link anywhere on site
  • Testimonials can be put on any portion of your site through adding a block or a code snippet

Low Cost, The Best Templates, Serve by us !


Achieving the best for the business or you can say earning the most revenue is the aim of every business man regardless of business size. For that purpose you are attempting to do the best but most of time you doesn’t achieve the good. WHY ?

Online web is very common but the quilted product is find for and then. But we have the best for your best business. Magento Templates  are the world know for its good working, available in large kinds for every kind of business.

Magento templates are powered by the elegant Magento Theming for your business and for catching the customers tension to your product. It add power to your product to boost the sales for your business.
All the templates are developed by the team of professional programmers, web designers, for giving the finest of our product to the whole world.

Most of the customers are new with Magento but there level of satisfaction is very high and all this is just because of our best services. If you have any issue with your present web just switch to Magento and your all the present issues will be solved and future coming issues are our headache and we provide the solution to you which are always ready to use.


Web designing is the most important and primary step I for a successful online business. Many business which are not aware of these fact are at lose end. So to get the best design in the targeted time and with the least expense.

This is not the dream this is reality that all the above mentioned things are real with the Magento.  Because  Magento is user friendly services provider to its client with the best affordable price. It is necessary to under stand the thinking of the peoples regarding ther requirement which the Magento is doing successfully.

As the trend of going online is increasing day by day. Web designing is getting more and more importance and this field is getting tough competition. But Templates for Magento always have there  hubbub in the market and maintaining the level of popularity.

Your success is lye behind the company who is giving you the web designservise, if he is good one and have he experience of the problems and undergo with the lot of the experiences like Magento then ther are lot of chances that you will moratal in market to achieve the best level of sales and that is your success and our aim

Technique to get the most visitors on your web

In this decade due to revolution in technology  every one get the access to the Internet and the whole world becomes the global village. In that situation the competition in every thing get tough and every one is willing to get destination of the good sales, for your business

I advise to take some major steps to get most of the customer son our web. And the handy and the easiest tip is to get the good web as soon as you can. We have  one of the best designed template for magento for  your online business.

Where without the wastage of time you can get the  web design with awesome look and features. Our templates are highly professional and having all the necessitates of the present time. Which are the requirement of the present era of time.

We provide you the guarantee and warrantee of our product and its smooth working for your business . Magento  never get any kind of problem while working online and we insured that by many of our worthy customer. As you know the online business is 24 hour and 7 days a week and this is the best way to hit the peak of the sales for your product. Never spoil this chance and get



Web design plays a vital role in the development of the business. The design of the web in the eye of the customer reveal the fact of the product quality. Because our sales are totally depends on the understanding of the customer with our product through our web.

 So why not deal the buyers in the way they want. Realizing the customer is only by your experience. Magento themes are doing so by its vast experience to capture the customers mind. All the templates  are beautifully designed for all kinds of the product  even a small business man can also avail for services because these are cost and use friendly.

In  the present time competition is in nutshell. So basic technique is to serve through the spirited things with the others. Magento Theming is one of the best practice for that.

Moreover the role of good web design is to provide peoples excellent browsing so that it will sway them about you. There fore your job is only to make us your web mentor then you will see how we are going to take your business from earth to sky highs due to our g- through of years in the web designs on Magento.

“What” is the importance of the web sites ?

Now the business men are realizing that “What” is the importance of the web sites. Why should they get themselves on the web. In the present time this is the way how you are going to get the maximum from the least effort.

Small business mans also realized the importance of getting there web site to present them in-front of the global village the world. So why you are getting to waste the time just by some clicks if you have a good web then there is no reason to waste time and money.

Our website Magento Templates  are always here to help you to get the website instantly. Our Templates and designs also provides you the flexibility to get the best designs, layout and eye catching  magento skins on the web.
You can also update your web own your own just by adding some stuff of extensions provided by us to your web and this is the best practice in the present time to get the best in the fewer time and also by saving money.
Minute web detail matters a lot. So don’t compromise on that get the best with the best Templates from Magento.

Flood Of Themes With Magento


Magento is the hottest and most powerful e-commerce software and has gained popularity in a short period of time. And gaining more popularity just because of our aim to give you the best .

Magento Themes Design’s provide user with lot of the different design technique that will help you to customize the look, feel, layout and features of your online Magento Store, allowing you to give more sales with in very less time. Because customers are inspired by your product and we add some power in to your product to boost the pace of your sales.

You can make your own  Magento Theme with others in community through Magento connect extensions. This is an awesome way to get the your peak satisfaction level for the publicity of your product as you think for it . Store owners who are interested to get there own way to deal with can get more from Magento only. 

This is the era of though competition in the market so never lose your sales by using the product which doesn’t suits your product. Just think for a while why you don’t avail the best one option if you are paying for them and it is Magento. A good news is that you can also get benefit from our free stuff also. Magento always think for YOU !

Affordable price for good Web Design


As you can configure from the title of the web that which type of services are they giving. Like the sign board of any shop the title of the web attracts the customer to it. And he will be your good customer if he is inspired by the product you are giving. We are also working on these indexes to let know others there is the name exist in the market who are running there business rightly the United-sol with affordable cost plan.
Giving the customer the thing required by them and with the commitment of quality. Thats the reason the customer are continuously working with us . Telling you about there coming requirements and we look after them very quickly and humbly.

There are lot of other companies in the market who are providing Web Design . But we have the commitment with the customers to give the best up-to our best also. We are not only giving the services, but selling the product being a Web Design Firm. Our design are best according the view of our customer. All the product delivered to them are of standard, always have unique functionality, properly working, bug and error free. So don't waste the time and money choose the best one in the available options. This is how you can benefit twinly.

Designing a web site is not a tough job to do


Well as the title depicts that designing a web site is not a hard thing to do but perfect designs with some unique features always get the attention and for that you have to be a professional with some good experience so you can manage things as you clients want them to be.

At, we offer the best services with the help of our professional Web Designers and understand the idea to its core. If you are looking for some web desing with some innovative and matchless look to give you a competitive edge, then you just hit the right place.

Our experts designers build the web design that emit the creativity and uniqueness, while sustaining a powerful level of functionality, sophistication and business sense.

You are not only getting a website, we will give you your online idnetity. will build a web design that will become an elongation of your company's image. Constructing your reputation for excellence, your reliability, and fascinating new clients. We build custom-made web designs for every client of ours, guaranteed unique look that is aesthetically alluring and fully functional for their specific field. Fueled by a passion for what we do, our web designers consistently create unique web designs that excel beyond expectations.

You can visit portfolio for more reliance.

Magento Modules to Perfecten your Ecommerce Store


Now a days Magento is a rapidly emerging e commerce development application. It allows you with maximum customization opportunities with the help of latest magento extensions, modules, plug-ins and add-ons etc. As it is built on a completely modular model, so your Magento Store has infinite scalability and functionality. Module is an important component for Magento software.

I know you are bit confused as I was when I first come to know about magento but don't worry there is nothing complex in it. Magento Module is an extension which ample the functions and credibility of the Magento. Well the examples of the modules are like management modules, featured products modules and many more.

The best fact about the Magento is its full object oriented programming and every single module is accessible through templates tags from any of the template file.
Magento gets the attraction of the developers and it keeps them busy to develop new magento modules consistently. Developing new Magento Modules will let you to put more functionality anywhere. Custom modules are build to do special tasks, from editing your database to controlling module upgrades to overriding classes etc. Browse through the collection of Magento Extensions and modules, read in-depth descriptions about their features and functionality and the reviews that fellow customer have written.