Why Most of the online merchants are turning over to Magento?


Do you know why Most of the online merchants are turning over to Magento? If you don't know then i'm sure this clear demonstration will help you to figure out whats the reason behind all this migration.

Magento is a free web application (registered under open source) for the development of e-commerce stores. It is one of the most reliable and authentic ecommerce platform. There are lucrative features in it which make the online merchants to use it, like:

Your work hasn't finished that you put up your store in the online world and it will attract customers by it self, you have to influence customers to it. The top most factor matters in getting good customer is SEO (a term used for optimization of site in search engines), but after getting traffic if your site is not attractive the user will surely bounce back quickly. Magento Themes provide you all the appealing stuff on your site so if the user hit your site he must feel lucky that he/she came to right place. So the content on the site matters but if it is presented using magento then it worths.
Magento provides an authentic design which allow users to find easily what they are looking for. These features help to deal in more conversions.


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