50% Discount ON Top 12 Magento Themes at FME


Looks like some thing is going big at free magento extensions there was a Christmas offer on the store at all themes, extensions and services ranging from 10%-25% but now they got a super discount on there most attractive themes with an addition of two new themes, “Magento Mobile Store” and “Magento Lamp Store”. Now you can select any theme out of these 12 stunner's at 50% limited discount offer. Make sure that you get the theme of your choice or you can demand any other as well, they might take it under consideration. Getting these professional Magento Themes in these days with this type of rare discount is a blessing in disguise. Make sure you download it for the future use of your online store.
The most trending stores in these days are decorative lamp store, so if you go for that template. You are surely heading towards a successful business in online market. Magneto Theme of lamp lamp store gives an attractive look to the user which not seduce them to browse in but also to make them get in to it completely. If you follow us its demo as a user prospective then you will surely say “yes, if I am going to run an online lamp store then this Magento Theme is perfect for me”.

We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery

The good web designs are those which are giving the good browsing results, easily loaded on the computer of the viewers and easy to understand by the customers. If all these features are present in the web design of any business then it will be  the best and accountable for the viewers and if it not include these features then it will not the sort of thing which the peoples require.

Magento templates  are the best and have the lavish and the lush attractive features. These templates are designed by keeping in mind all the things for that business including the main features and discipline of the business. They  provide the appropriate functionality and the required environment for the development of the business.  That’s why the magento is highly recommended by the users to whom which are not using the magento templates.

All theses templates consist of the attractive magento themes, which are the source of the attractiveness to the customers. When they see  these beautiful themes there mind ultimately indicate them that this is the some sort of quality product which is presenting the things in very good and decent manner. We proud to have the customer which always have the satisfactory remarks about our services and all of our customer have the same remarks about us.

Run your Home décor store with a Stomp


Home décor is something which never ends in the all 365 days of the year and if you are going to run an online store about home décor accessories then you must have an elegant design for your store. As you are represent home décor your home page must be decorated as well with some cool stuff. Choosing some unique templates will be a better option to go for, Magento is providing some decent and easily manageable stuff for magento stores.

FME Magento Theme home décor store has a very clean and crispy look to display your home accessories and the product Javascript banner will help you in influencing the attention of visitor.

A decent structure and presentation of inner pages for the customers and also for the SEO prospect. Custom interface as users like to multiple options on the front end without going through in details.

A complete overview of the product including its features and details, price comparison and other related products and it goes on and on. You can check out more features and also free demo of this Magento Theme at free-magentoextensions.

Features :
Top navigation menu
Javascript slider
Store catalog on home page
Noticeable cart with a quick view
Fast loading and SEO friendly
Completely Customizable
Quick and Easy step by step installation guide.

How to Install Magento Manually On Your Hosting?

Installation of Magento on your domain is quite easy and fast, if you let the control panel software to do it automatically for you but If your website host is not offering installation service than you need manual installation of magento which you can do by your self.  It is as easy as auto installation and you will have a step by step visual guidance to finish the job.

If you follow the under mentioned steps then you will install magento successfully:

Step a: The initial step to start manual installation of magento is to download a stable package from magento commerce.

Step b: Upload this package on your account through the control panel's file manager option or you can also uplaod it through FTP. You can upload that file either in “public_html” folder or in a sub folder you can easily extract the file from control panel after its upload completion.

Step c: After its extraction create a MySQL database and assign a user to it, remember the credentials of that account because you will need them while installation of script.

Step d: Select your time zone, territory and currency

Step e: Put all the credentials of your database and the others are optional if you don't want to put them just click on next button to skip it.

Step f: Here you need to put your personal information and administration login details, which you want to use later. Encryption key can be generated automatically through script if you don't want to add manually.

Write down your encryption key; it will be used by Magento to encrypt passwords, credit cards and other confidential information.this is it, now you are ready to use the front end and back-end of your store as Magento installation has been complete now.

FME Magento Services:
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