Magento Beauty Store Theme - Add a charm to your Store For Free


Expose the collection of your beauty products at you very own store without any price. Now don't say its not true, it is and you can have your own store up and running within no time all you have to do is to register a domain name, install magento (read : How to install magento on your hosting) and then apply the FME's Free magento beauty store theme (read: how to install magento theme manually) and there you are ready to do the managing, modifying and sales stuff on your online store.
FME's Beauty Store Theme supports the beauty products niche, it allows you to run cosmetics, women beauty products and accessories store. It comes up with a catchy Jquerry banner at homepage to present the featured, categorical or latest products in a stylish outlook. A formal left hand e-commerce stores navigational menu. You can also enhance the look and efficiency of the store by installing free of cost magento extensions.
Following are the specialties for FME Free Beauty Store Theme:
  • Attractive Look Home Page.
  • Latest and featured products slider.
  • JQuery Attractive Banners.
  • Store Catalog bar on the home page with JQuery Scroller.
  • Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view.
  • Quick loading.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Applicable for multiple business fields
  • SEO friendly.
  • Satisfies the highest programming and design requirements.
  • Step by Step installation manual.

Professionals Dedicated to Develop Magento Applications


FME is an organization of Magento experts where the whole team of professional developers is dedicated to invent the latest yet demanding applications for your Online E-commerce Stores and also to build ready to use templates for Magento. Also custom stores according to the requirement of the Online merchants owners following up the trends of the market. Any platform user can easily turnover from their existing shopping to magneto and enjoy the ultimate features of Magento without any headache of design and development team for the maintenance of the store.

At FMEextensions you are allowed to choose free as well as premium modules/extensions, Stores, Services and themes in order to workout with your stores easily and efficiently. However, I would like to add that the paid services are always quite much steps ahead of free one. So, Choose the desired Magento themes for your Magento store and extensions for further assistance and give an appealing look to your Online Magento Store and create a perfect user experience for your loyal customers.
Professional Magento Developers are available for development of Magento extensions, integration of Magento templates and to customize your existing Magento stores and extensions. You can choose paid as well as free Magento extensions and enhance the efficiency and functionalities of your store. Send us a RFQ, if you are looking to run a successful e-commerce businesses and get the feed back from our expert Magento developers about the structure, design and development of your store.

Bumper Offer-Buy 3 Magento Themes and Get 25% Off


Since e-commerce sites and shopping cart became famous the demand of Magento Themes also raised at the same context. In the beginning establishing an online shopping store was very crucial task as it has to be done through custom development like Dot Net or PHP. With the advent of everything the way of development also got few modern touches.
E-commerce site involves too many things like efficient data base of customer's name, address, order, and credit card information. In this regard development of an on line store is matter of great responsibility. It also has few complexities and if is being done through custom process then will take too much time as well.
When it comes to open sources like Magento themes then it becomes very easy to attain a shopping cart. There are several sites on cyber world which are offering Magento themes. These themes can be free or paid. Creative themes is a website which is serving people since years. The themes available on this site are really commendable. Though the site contains free theme but due to numerous demands of paid themes the site has majority of paid themes. The major motive of site is to serve the community of cyber world as much as it can. In this regard the team of creative themes always attaches attractive offers with their themes. This time the site is offering 25% off if you will buy 3 premium Magento themes.

Custom Development Is Taking Its Last Sighs Of Heave -Yes Or No?


Something came and just rocked in no time. Same thing happened with open sources; they came and got fame in surprising time. Actually time and money matters a lot in every case at every time and especially now a day both of these has great importance. This is where open source have focused. They not only will save your time but also you can have them in free even.

They are also easy to learn and use thus the dependency on custom developer is now past only. Thus open sources like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. are everywhere on cyber world and custom development are now happening in very rare cases.

Open sources are user friendly and search engine friendly at the same time. For example sites developed with Magento can help you in better way for your SEO than any custom language. And Magento themes are available in abundance on internet/ but here a friendly advice is to buy themes instead of having free ones.

There are also many more advantages of open sources. But custom development will always be there and cannot die as open source are front end and on their back end the custom languages are working. Thus custom languages will be there until the open sources are there. The numerous advantages of open sources compelled people to think that custom languages are going to be end but they just gone at back end, otherwise their importance is still there.

How come creativity is the only way of business success?


It is fact that making a copy of anything is not such an easy task. It also takes time and care, but it is also a fact that copied things are not encouraged or appreciated accordingly. So to waste time on copying anything, in fact instead of it we should trust on ourselves and try to make something new and unique.

As on line shopping is been a famous trend now so people are also earning through Themes, but doing so they are not working hard or I better should say are cheating with their work. In this way they only are deceiving themselves.

With the passage of time cyber world is now too much crowded and to stand out of this crowd one has to be come with uniqueness which is only possible with originality.

Now for example there are many Magento themes available on internet, and as on line shopping trend is under your observation so you can think about the demand of shopping carts. Now one who is think to establish an on line store will when search for templates then surely will try that his/her site should be the most attractive. Hence, he/she will select the theme which he/she found as unique one on cyber world. Now those who have copied other's themes will get no use of their site.

It is also possible that the selected theme by that person is also copied by somewhere. But in that case most probably only the idea has been copied, which is not a wrong approach. So if you are impressed by any design then you can present that idea but should be in original and new way.

How You Can Keep Your Magento Store Secure?


There are many built-in security attributes introduced by Magento through which your on line store can be secure enough. This increased the popularity of Magento Themes among people however below are few other suggestions to make your shopping cart safer.
The password must be unique:
Passwords always have great importance, so select password very smartly i.e.
The password must be lengthy and combination of numbers, lower and upper case letters, but still should also be easy to remember.
Do not use Magento password for other accounts:
The password of Magento should never be used for any other logins, as it will be very helpful for hackers. So it’s up to you that if you invite hackers or push them away. Moreover other web services like e-mails keeps the complete record and tracking of your information, so it is always worthy to use different password for Magento. However again I will say that it does not mean a difficult one to remember and if you are having more than one Magento stores then you can manage an excel sheet for it, but again the point of secrecy should be kept in mind. The sheet should keep under high security.
Always access through Custom admin panel:
Accessing Magento through your site is not secure enough. In admin panel you can use a different code than of your default one which surely will give a tough time to hackers to access in your Magento store. Hence your store will remain safe and sound.
Hopefully these tips will be helpful for you to achieve a safe Magento store. Hackers now a day are getting very powerful so it is better to adopt safety precautions instead of regretting latter.

Magento Themes – Businessmen Are Fan of It


No one can challenge the fact that business has much more advantages and profits then a job can provide. Now a day’s expense seems very difficult to meet with a job so people are doing part time jobs and side business. In fact now mostly people prefer to have their own business. The internet has also provided us with too many opportunities.

On line business in the form of an e-commerce site is one of them. One important thing is these that mostly people have no time to search and buy from any market. That is why they prefer to buy on line and hence the shopping carts are supposed to be a successful business.

Now when it comes to an on line shopping store then out of many options Magento themes are the hot favorite of businessmen. The basic reasons are as follows:
  • Magento is specially design and developed for e-commerce sites. Thus it has everything which is essential for an on line store.
  • Magento themes are available in thousands on internet freely as well as in paid state.
  • The maintenance is very easy.
  • It is very flexible.
  • It is very easy to use; in short it is user friendly. Thus people enjoy it a lot.
  • It is also search engine friendly, moreover it has many built-in plug-ins for SEO friendliness.

These were few major characteristics of Magento themes. One special point is this that paid themes are far better than free ones in many regards.

Why Magento Themes Are Better Than Custom Developed E-Stores?


The web platform where people can buy on line is known as an e-commerce site or on line shopping store. It is becoming very famous day by day, as it has many benefits. Users have to go nowhere and can have the best quality things in very competitive rates and the best part is this that thing will be at your door step in almost no time.

Though there are few disadvantages of internet like it has made us very lazy, but still cyber technology has changed the world and now it is too much essential part of our lives. Now even if we have place an order for pizza then instead of going to any pizza restaurant we simply can do it on line. This is the reason for which E-commerce sites are very famous now days.

When we have to establish any on line business in the form of e-commerce site then in the past we had no option but custom development. Since open sources are introduced then we now are having two options. Now the point is this that which one is the best option and why?

Below is the comparison of both options.

> It very quick and fast process. > It is bit slow and lengthy process.
> It is very cost effective. > It is more costly.
> Its maintenance is quite easy and mostly free of cost. > Its maintenance is little slow and paid.
> One can manage a site developed in
it by him/herself with just a little training
> It is very difficult to learn it and even  then it takes a lot of time to become a profession in it.

The above table is general overlook of comparison between Magento themes and custom development which is screaming that Magento Themes are far better custom development.