Custom Development Is Taking Its Last Sighs Of Heave -Yes Or No?


Something came and just rocked in no time. Same thing happened with open sources; they came and got fame in surprising time. Actually time and money matters a lot in every case at every time and especially now a day both of these has great importance. This is where open source have focused. They not only will save your time but also you can have them in free even.

They are also easy to learn and use thus the dependency on custom developer is now past only. Thus open sources like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. are everywhere on cyber world and custom development are now happening in very rare cases.

Open sources are user friendly and search engine friendly at the same time. For example sites developed with Magento can help you in better way for your SEO than any custom language. And Magento themes are available in abundance on internet/ but here a friendly advice is to buy themes instead of having free ones.

There are also many more advantages of open sources. But custom development will always be there and cannot die as open source are front end and on their back end the custom languages are working. Thus custom languages will be there until the open sources are there. The numerous advantages of open sources compelled people to think that custom languages are going to be end but they just gone at back end, otherwise their importance is still there.


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