Free Magento Extension Request For a Quote (RFQ)


Magento is rapidly emerging application in E-commerce development. Magento stores are totally change as compare to other resource and they are not only changed, they are also quite efficient than the others in every single aspect whether it is about user or owner or SEO. Magento has failed all other resource in this race. Default magento is also quite efficient, there are some extensions available to assist you for some special needs or you can also demand custom extensions according to your requirements. All magento extensions are developed in accordance with magento standards and can be easily installed on any magento store.

Professional magento developers of FME developed Quick request for a quote extension it allows your coustomers to send a request quote to the admin of the site. The user need to put some information in the required fields, after filling the form when the customers will submit it quick RFQ will validate the submission and after a successful validation it will store the quote in the database and forward that mail to the owner of the site and to the customer as well. Quick RFQ will pic up the categories of mail, like subject and body content from the database which was saved by the admin.

All the quotes are easily manageable from the control panel. Admin can amend the quote as he wants and can reply to the customer on given email. Admin can change the configurations from the admin, you can get this quick RFQ Magento Extension for free.

Salient features of RFQ
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Easy to manage
  • Totally customizable
  • Target specific customer groups.


IndiaNIC said...
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Anna Victoria said...

Very nice Extension as it allows customers to send request quote to the site owner. Besides this I would like to share another Request For Qoute- Magento 2 Extension.Here:

Anna Victoria said...

It's so useful Extension. I would like to suggest another Request for Quote - Magento 2 Extension.

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