Magento Themes: Paid or Free?


Internet is full of e-commerce sites now a day. People love to buy on line. Due to this reason many business men are establishing their on line shopping carts. Now for shopping carts mostly people like to go for Magento themes.

When we talk about Magento themes for on line business site then we will have two options, which are as follows:
  1. Paid Magento themes.
  2. Free Magento themes.
Normally everyone will think that selecting free Magento themes is surely the right option but it includes many drawbacks. Though getting something free instead of buying it against few dollars seems madness. The fact is this that free themes have certain limitations which sometimes can put you in a big trouble.

Paid themes will provide you with enjoyment of full features and also mostly paid themes contain few other offers as well which surely will be considered as bonus point. In paid themes many companies provide 24 hours support or assistance which is very necessary, because if you fell in need of any change in default theme according to your requirements then in case of free themes you will have to hire any programmer but for paid themes you do not have to do so.

Hence it is now clear that paid themes are better than free because free themes are just like mobile phone without SIM card. Though SIM card is very small thing but still mobile phone is useless without it.

A couple of free magento templates for Stylish Jewelry Store


The presence and the status of any thing get high when it is presented on a platform that hold fascination. Jewelry is an ornament that add a charm to the personality of an individual. So, it must be present on a platform where it appeal others not only because the beauty of it but also with the help of the presenting material. To keep up with the needs of the jewelry stores, various developers has developed a lot of magento themes, some of these themes are paid and some are free of cost. In this particular post, I'll share a pair of two free of cost magento jewelry store templates that you can download and install on your hosting, if you are interested in running a jewelry store.

CT Jewelry Store Magento Theme:

Current Version:1.0 | Compatible To: Magento 1.5
As I go through the demo of this templates, I felt that the Store is a great option for jewelry collections to opt. It comes with an attractive JQuery Banner slider that is fully control able via back-end, also there is another “most recent products” jQuery scroller on the home page as well, it would be helpful for your visitors to explore the site more easily. Exploded menus, you can add your social network links. As per developers notification, its quite easy to install and manage this theme (you can read the earlier post, about how to install magento theme). This theme fulfills all the basic yet trendy requirements for a Jewelry Store.

Magento Free Fashion Jewelry Theme:

Current Version: | Compatible To: Magento
Though I have not found any demo link for this theme but according to the home page screen-shot of it. This two column free magento theme looks simple,the color scheme used in it is white with black gradient and also a black bar on categories navigation. However, the banner and the widgets on the right side panel can play a lead role in getting a super attractive look though merely if stylish yet colorful outlooks of jewelry become a part of it.

Keep the one you like the most. However, you can keep the both, if you know how to manage both at the same time and add a strong aura of fascination to your online jewelry store.

Magento Themes & Extensions-It's Time To Make Imagination A Reality


Imagination is one of the most important part of our life and I must clear here that, imagining something and imaginary life are two different thoughts. Without getting much deeper in the imagination, I believe that imagination gives us a path and if we follow its track then we will surely end up on what we have imagined. In the world of e-commerce, if I say that magento purely describe the imagination of the online visitors and online merchants, then it would not be wrong.
Because magento is completely user, owner and search engine friendly e-commerce source. The users get an environment where they can easily find the products they are looking for, the owner can manage his/her single to various magento based store via a single back end and magento follows the ethical techniques of SEO to let the search engines know that what is going on in the website. By picking up appropriate Magento Theme and magento extensions for your website you can make sure that your website will be surely appreciated and also you will be more relaxed and comfortable then those of your competitors, who are not using magento services or either not paying a prior importance to magento.
If you are looking for a fresh start or thinking about migrating your existing store. Then there would be no other better option for you to Opt but Magento. Its time to get the burden off your shoulders and let magento get the job done efficiently.

2 Most Sensational Magento Templates By CT!

Though the website was developed previously but most of the content on it got updated pretty recently. As i stumbled again with it, the tags and banners of the CT are telling that the site is about the premium theme of several e-commerce platform and CMS networks. A collection of several different businesses themes is added developed using the open source e-commerce platform. Well, for the time being you will only get Premium Magento Themes and also a couple of free themes as well. All the theme are self explanatory but these two are the most sensational that made me to go through the demo of these themes. Without any prior importance, the sensation of the themes in not only in the look but these themes are as much functional yet appealing to keep the visitors attached within the environment of it.

Latest Fashion apparel Store is the perfect option for the merchants to opt, who are looking forward to start a successful fashion related online business. An Attractive JQuery Banner slider and most recent products jQuery scroller on the home page provides relaxation yet comfort ability to the visitors to browse through the store in new way. The theme is enriched of exploded menus, social bookmarking links and social media Add-ons. The manual of installation is quite easy. However; creative themes expert magento developers are ready to install and manage the store without any prior price. The theme truly supports Multiple stores and also fulfills all the basic and advance requirements for a Fashion Store.

CT Apparel Shop Magento Theme

Boys Girls Kids Accessories - get all their clothing up on CT Apparel Shop and start getting your sales up. Setup your apparel shop with this sophisticated yet advance magento theme with cool hip banners already integrated in the theme. A Shop by Brands extension helps make this theme a bargain. The brands scroller and the new products widget displayed on Home Page will surely get those users to browse through and see what you have in store. Designer can also put their articles on it and also if someone is looking to sell branded products on it, this theme truly supports those merchants who are willing to run branded products store.

Free Vs Paid Gift Shop Magento Theme


The choice is yours but in this particular post there would be two different magento templates for same theme store, one of them is paid and the other one is free of cost. Both of these templates are based on magento frame work and meet the requirement of latest version of magento.
EM Gift Shop:
Without any prior importance, em gift shop is a paid magento template holding several attractive features but the price goes up and up as you keep adding these features to it. The price of the default theme is (99$) and according to the overview of em developers, it is designed for a gift shop, souvenir, bakery or food shop. It is designed with a unique and classical style from the 60-70s. It comes with a product sideshow, very attractive graphics, and it is one of the most stylish magento themes available for your gift shop. The above mentioned picture represent the home page of this theme.

CT Gift Shop Magento theme:
This is the second theme and its FREE of price, as well as free of any follow up procedure like, sign-up etc. I saw so many free themes but not as much functional yet attractive as this one. The details of this theme as per its developer mentioned are, the CT gift shop magento template is designed for gift shop, souvenir, cake or food shop. The home page comes up with a Banner to display products and offers. The default welcome text of dummy store is editable from the Admin panel after installation. Also the featured products can be displayed on Home Page. Left Panel with accordion menu for Categories. The structure is quite efficient and the store is fully compatible to support the course of SEO. The above mentioned image represents the home page of this free magento template.

Its true that the price matters but in this era of advancement, people are also providing their amazing service without any price and the CT Gift shop template is the true evidence of it. No offense to EM Gift shop but I believe that you can get more customers with the trendy design of CT Gift Shop Magento template. Make sure you pick the right one whether it is the paid or its free. Also if you like to keep them both, then magento allows you to use multiple Magento Themes at the same time on same store, so go for both of them.