Magento Themes: Paid or Free?


Internet is full of e-commerce sites now a day. People love to buy on line. Due to this reason many business men are establishing their on line shopping carts. Now for shopping carts mostly people like to go for Magento themes.

When we talk about Magento themes for on line business site then we will have two options, which are as follows:
  1. Paid Magento themes.
  2. Free Magento themes.
Normally everyone will think that selecting free Magento themes is surely the right option but it includes many drawbacks. Though getting something free instead of buying it against few dollars seems madness. The fact is this that free themes have certain limitations which sometimes can put you in a big trouble.

Paid themes will provide you with enjoyment of full features and also mostly paid themes contain few other offers as well which surely will be considered as bonus point. In paid themes many companies provide 24 hours support or assistance which is very necessary, because if you fell in need of any change in default theme according to your requirements then in case of free themes you will have to hire any programmer but for paid themes you do not have to do so.

Hence it is now clear that paid themes are better than free because free themes are just like mobile phone without SIM card. Though SIM card is very small thing but still mobile phone is useless without it.


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