Why Magento Themes Are Better Than Custom Developed E-Stores?


The web platform where people can buy on line is known as an e-commerce site or on line shopping store. It is becoming very famous day by day, as it has many benefits. Users have to go nowhere and can have the best quality things in very competitive rates and the best part is this that thing will be at your door step in almost no time.

Though there are few disadvantages of internet like it has made us very lazy, but still cyber technology has changed the world and now it is too much essential part of our lives. Now even if we have place an order for pizza then instead of going to any pizza restaurant we simply can do it on line. This is the reason for which E-commerce sites are very famous now days.

When we have to establish any on line business in the form of e-commerce site then in the past we had no option but custom development. Since open sources are introduced then we now are having two options. Now the point is this that which one is the best option and why?

Below is the comparison of both options.

> It very quick and fast process. > It is bit slow and lengthy process.
> It is very cost effective. > It is more costly.
> Its maintenance is quite easy and mostly free of cost. > Its maintenance is little slow and paid.
> One can manage a site developed in
it by him/herself with just a little training
> It is very difficult to learn it and even  then it takes a lot of time to become a profession in it.

The above table is general overlook of comparison between Magento themes and custom development which is screaming that Magento Themes are far better custom development.


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