How You Can Keep Your Magento Store Secure?


There are many built-in security attributes introduced by Magento through which your on line store can be secure enough. This increased the popularity of Magento Themes among people however below are few other suggestions to make your shopping cart safer.
The password must be unique:
Passwords always have great importance, so select password very smartly i.e.
The password must be lengthy and combination of numbers, lower and upper case letters, but still should also be easy to remember.
Do not use Magento password for other accounts:
The password of Magento should never be used for any other logins, as it will be very helpful for hackers. So it’s up to you that if you invite hackers or push them away. Moreover other web services like e-mails keeps the complete record and tracking of your information, so it is always worthy to use different password for Magento. However again I will say that it does not mean a difficult one to remember and if you are having more than one Magento stores then you can manage an excel sheet for it, but again the point of secrecy should be kept in mind. The sheet should keep under high security.
Always access through Custom admin panel:
Accessing Magento through your site is not secure enough. In admin panel you can use a different code than of your default one which surely will give a tough time to hackers to access in your Magento store. Hence your store will remain safe and sound.
Hopefully these tips will be helpful for you to achieve a safe Magento store. Hackers now a day are getting very powerful so it is better to adopt safety precautions instead of regretting latter.


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