How to Install Magento Manually On Your Hosting?


Installation of Magento on your domain is quite easy and fast, if you let the control panel software to do it automatically for you but If your website host is not offering installation service than you need manual installation of magento which you can do by your self.  It is as easy as auto installation and you will have a step by step visual guidance to finish the job.

If you follow the under mentioned steps then you will install magento successfully:

Step a: The initial step to start manual installation of magento is to download a stable package from magento commerce.

Step b: Upload this package on your account through the control panel's file manager option or you can also uplaod it through FTP. You can upload that file either in “public_html” folder or in a sub folder you can easily extract the file from control panel after its upload completion.

Step c: After its extraction create a MySQL database and assign a user to it, remember the credentials of that account because you will need them while installation of script.

Step d: Select your time zone, territory and currency

Step e: Put all the credentials of your database and the others are optional if you don't want to put them just click on next button to skip it.

Step f: Here you need to put your personal information and administration login details, which you want to use later. Encryption key can be generated automatically through script if you don't want to add manually.

Write down your encryption key; it will be used by Magento to encrypt passwords, credit cards and other confidential information.this is it, now you are ready to use the front end and back-end of your store as Magento installation has been complete now.

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