Extensions to Build Up your Site Efficiency


Default Magento is a also quite strong and efficient but to fulfill the needs of specific customers professional magento developers create extensions for them. There are some common extensions with good customizable features and if you need more specific and fully custom extension then you can request a quote for your Magento Extension.

FME Extensions is always a ahead for your reliance and present the latest and fully custom based extensions for your online stores. To get to know the feed back of your customers FME Extensions developed a Testimonial Extension which allows your customers to write testimonial about your company/brand/shop/services etc etc, it is quite easy to manage testimonials using this extension at both the end, from getting feed back from the user to presenting it on the site for the new visitors. All these testimonials are presented on the front end using J-Query slider. All the back-end controls like adding, removing, searching, disabling any thing related to testimonials are in hand of the admin.

The key features of FME Advance Testimonial Extension are :

  • Easy to Install and upgrade
  • Fully Custom
  • J-Query effects for presentation
  • Easy to manage
  • Simple to add on site just put the link anywhere on site
  • Testimonials can be put on any portion of your site through adding a block or a code snippet


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