Magento-Your Store is on Your Finger Tips


If you are working in the E-commerce market then I'm confident to say that you must have heard about Magento. Magento is not just a shopping cart its a complete world of shopping, enriched with every single kind of tool and accessory that a store owner requires. The development of magento is a bit tricky as it uses various framework languages like, zend, mvc, php, OOP etc; but the management is just like buttering the toast.
Running single or multiple store on a single domain name does not hurt the efficiency of magento, even you can run multiple store with unique pricing and language option on a single domain name. The descriptive and well navigational backend of magento assist you to manage your store as per your requirement. You can perform all actions by your self like enabling and disabling pages, products, changing theme timely, updating modules etc, without the assistance of any professional magento developer.
However, if you find any functionality missing on your store then you can contact Professional Magento Developers to develop custom modules for your store as per your guidance.


amber.long83 said...
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Magento Modules said...

any luck with this getting approved on magento connect. very interested!!
Magento Modules

Magento Modules said...

What kind of hosting would be required for multiple stores, are dedicated servers necessary!

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