A short glimpse over Banner Extension of Magento


A brief description about Magento:
Magento is an open source e-commerce web application platform that was launched in march 2008. it was created by varien and magento platfrom uses zend php and mysql databases. Magento shopping cart controls th every face of your store, from merchandising to promotions and more. There are no limits to creativity with Magento.

A brief description about Magento Extension:
Magento extension is an additional plugin or module that is basically not present in default magento. It provides the additional feature thereby enhancing the functionality of magento shopping cart. There are several plusgins/module/ extensions present. However in this particular blog our focus would be on FME Product Testimonials extension of magento.

Brief Description of Banner Extension of Magento:
Banners extension enables you to create sliding banners powered by Flash front end display. Administrator can add different banners / images to be displayed and has a very large number of options from Banner width, Banner height, Banner autoplay, Banner image resize to fit, transition speed, show play pause on Banner and many more options for customizing the banner display.
The most exciting part of this extension is that it is very easy to install , plus its 100% open source and absolutely free of cost and according to the programming practices of Magento


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