The Most Popular And The Most Emerging E-Commerce Platforms


Both of these platforms don’t need any  ceremonial words to be introduced and these platforms are almost well known to every person who use internet.

You may be using wordpress for the blogging and if you are not using it then I am pretty sure that you must know that wordpress is used by most of the online users to publish their blogs, promote their ideas and share their thoughts for free.
if you are using a wordpress blog and looking to run an online store on the same blog then there are several solutions are available to help you out. one of the most common solution module is Golden Cart Solution, its one of the best solution that integrates accurately into wordpress. After that you can carry on with your store with free theme or your can also purchase Premium Wordpress Templates to enhance the functionality of your store.


Magento is one of the most emerging e-commerce platform since last couple of years and most of the new and existing users are adopting/migrating to it. Varien, a Los Angeles web development firm is the creator of  Magento and without any doubt i must say that they did a wonderful job. there is nothing like in it to be free and its more functional than some of the paid sources. magento is enriched of every single need of e-commerce that you can think of and the plus point is that you can easily get a magento developer to do the customization of your magento store.
you can install Premium magento themes and extensions on it and if your are going all out for free than you can also get free theme and extensions from various online resources.

so what are your waiting for, if you really want to run an online store than i suggest you to either go for wordpress or magento. magento is suberbly e-commerce platform but wordpress is a bit easier to manage as compare to magento.


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