Opt Magento and Let The Visitors Opt You!


As Magento is being widely adopted by most of the existing on-line merchants and this rapid adoption is providing trust to the new online merchants who are looking to run a business on Magento. There are so many E-commerce shopping carts available but Magento is providing some unique and very functional features that tempt the merchants to run their store on it to tempt more and more customers, that means Magento is not only working on the merchants end but it is also working on visitors end as well and because of that its getting popular quite rapidly.

Magento Data Migration:

If you are looking to run your existing store on Magento then you need Magento data migration services to migrate your existing store to Magento without hurting the values and credentials of your store. For migration purpose, All you have to do is to hire some Expert Magento Developers and programmers, who will analyze the pros and cons of your store, estimate the time frames of migration, consult with you on priorities of migration, moving all kind of data accurately and other migration services.

The basics of Magento Data Migration:
  • Catalog with all kind of details (Descriptions, Categories, Prices, Images, Sales Info. And other relevant data).
  • Customers data migration regarding all credentials, Profile information and orders history etc.
  • Sales info., Stock info., and Financial info as well
Additional things that you can demand:
  • Migration of Extensions, Modules and their relevant data.
  • Customizations
  • 3rd Party codes and data.


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