Magento installation Error: Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons


Here are a couple of solutions that will help you, how to fix "Exception Printing is Disabled by Default for Security Reasons; Magento installation Error"

Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons!
Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons!

There are many issues that magento users have reported over the time, while installation of their cart; usually most of these are known and solutions are easily available in forums and blogs. Since last year, many people have asked about “Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons” error. Plenty of solutions
were introduced by many experienced magento developers and in this post we are going to share a couple of these which will be helpful for you in overcoming this situation. 

Solution 1: 

Here are some simple steps to follow up with:

1. Go to your “Errors” folder. The path to follow is  [root documents]/errors 
2. Find the file name local.xml.sample and remove (.Sample ) from its name or simply rename it to Local.xml
Note: Doing step 2 might lead you to have loads of errors on your screen, which you should not be worry about. 
3. Now open file.php from magento/lib/Zend/Cache/Backend/File.php and search for:

protected $_options = array(
'cache_dir' => 'null',

Now replace it with 

Protected $_options = array(
'cache_dir' => 'tmp/',

4. Save the file. (overwrite, if you get the option) 
5. Create a temp folder in magento root domain folder

That’s it you are done, refresh the page and the errors will be gone!

Solution 2: 

Solution 2 is pretty much similar to solution 1 and it just goes up to 2 points of solution 1.

1. Open the errors folder from the root directory. 
2. Find the file named local.xml.sample and rename it with local.xml 

And refresh you page and the installation will move on without any Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

And if you are curious to know about why all this happened then do see the errors log file. By the way, most of the time this error shows up during the installation is either due to any extension or a theme that already has errors in it. We always recommend Expert Magento Developers help, when you consider installing or updating your magento store. 

(Comment your thoughts, any other solution that exists for this issue or let me know if this works well for you. i look forward for your experience in the comments.)


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