Trends in Web Design for 2014


Looking for some fun new ways to spruce up your website design? Keeping your site current is very important for attracting new users and keeping the old ones entertained. To help you stay ahead of the pack, here are a few of the newest trends in 2014 for business web design. Read on to learn more on how your small business can integrate some new ideas and appeal to more customers. 
Flat Colours
For 2014, it looks like people are going to want simple designs using flat styles and colours. This simplicity makes your site easy to load on mobile devices that use 3G connections, so that your clients will be able to access your site on the go without eating up too much data or seeing their phones freeze up.

Mobile Style Interfaces
Speaking of 3G, there is going to be a genuine push toward creating one site for both the desktop and the smartphone experience. We are also going to see more sites designed with interfaces suited more for apps, so that they can be smartphone-friendly. Since Small Business Web Designs was formed, we have offered integrated desktop and mobile web design as standard with every website, empowering 100s of Australian businesses to be displayed on any device. 

Content is Still King
That old saying “content is king” is not going out of style any time soon. If you have great material to offer, whether it’s pertinent articles, smart comics, funny gifs or cute animals, people will find you. Keep providing great content, and people will follow you, sometimes returning several times a day whenever they are bored.

That said, maintaining a site like this takes a lot of work, in addition to the maintenance and design of your site. You will have to update your site at least several times a week and also make sure to build the brand that your clients want. If you deviate from that at all, then you could risk losing the clients and followers you have worked so hard to get to notice you.

Incorporate Social Media
Finally, make sure to use social media in order to draw viewers to your site. You can provide links to your social media accounts so people can find your fan pages, and also update social media with the latest material from your site. You can also use other, brand-building techniques such as adding extra posts on Facebook to further engage with fans. A simple “Like if you agree” picture will do the trick!

These are just a few of the ways that website design is changing for 2014. No doubt it will be an interesting year ahead as these new trends take form.


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